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The Power of Bible Study Lessons to the Children

It is important to understand the value of Bible studies for our children. The devil is ready to deceive us cunningly into accepting his blatant lies. We should follow the truth as taught in churches and revoke the devil's plans. When we are young, we are more prone to falling for the lies of the devil due to our naivety. However, any person can still be tricked by the devil. The reason why children are more susceptible to devil's plans is that they do not know the difference between what is right or wrong especial if they are not well guided. For this reason, it is important to have right children's Bible lessons. As responsible, God-fearing parents, we should ensure that our kids know the truth of God and differentiate it from Satan's lies. Using Bible Studies for children is one of the effective ways of keeping your kid from poor influence by the devil. It is surprising that most adults don't understand why Bible studies are impotent.  Most of the adults tend to think that because there is only one Bible, and there should be no multiple Bible lessons. Adults can figure out a lot of things that their kids cannot. Click here!


Bible lessons for kids at need to be designed in a simple language they can understand. It is not advisable to keep on reading the Bible especially if they do not understand. Enrolling for Bible Study lessons is the best option as they will be able to grasp a lot. You should also understand that Bible studies for kids are not just meant to b literal word of God but rather the teachings of the word of God. The word of God does not change and should not be changed whatsoever. However, the way you understand it can be changed to pass the message efficiently. The people who teach children are the ones with the Bible studies. They should use creative means of passing their message so that they can keep the interest of the kids alive. They should be good role models because the kids will emulate them. As the guide to the teachings, you should be in a special position to understand when your kids can get and what they can't. Be sure to use simple and short illustrations that the kids will under. Make sure you teach your child good behaviors through Bible studies.