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Starting A Bible Study Lessons For Women

Bible study groups for women are a good opportunity not only for fellowship, but also for spiritual growth and encouragement. Learning the word of God and its application in our everyday life with other individuals in an environment which is supportive can be of great benefit to all those involved. Here are a few basics of what you should consider when you want to start a bible study group for women in your area.


Choose the meeting time and day. Generally women are busy people, therefore choosing the time and day for the bible study lesson which everyone in the group can agree and commit to is very important. Maybe one evening during the weekday can work best or a Saturday afternoon. Then you need to decide how frequently you will be meeting. You have to decide whether you will meet once in every week or even once in one month and make sure that every member has selected the dates market on her calendar. Check this site!


Select a convenient location for meeting. After you have agreed on a meeting time and day, you then need to choose a location which is convenient for everyone involved or most of the members. The first option should be your church if it is located conveniently. You also need to consider meeting at one of the members' home or alternatively, you can agree on constantly rotatifng the meeting locations between the homes of each member. By doing this, you will have evenly distributed the work of preparing a house for visitors as well as the driving distance among the members.


Create an environment which is safe for sharing. To have a truly positive impact and see change in the lives of your bible study group members, it is very important to create an environment of trust, where each member is comfortable in sharing and participating in the group discussions.  Follow these simple guidelines to create this environment. Be slow to speak and quick to listen, keep everything shared within the group confidential, encourage everyone to participate and be careful while criticizing.


Choose a lesson format. Choosing a good lesson format to conduct the bible study is very important for an effective bible study group. You can select one teacher to facilitate and lead each lesson or even rotate the teachers. When doing this, you need to notify the teacher well in advance to make her prepare for the lesson.