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Benefits of Bible Study

The bible is the word of God through which we are able to understand God more, know  His will Upon us and through which we connect with God. There are so many benefits that we can get from studying the Bible as listed below.


It is through the bible study that you can able to learn, you might be reading the bible without understanding but when you make it into a routine you get revelation from God that makes you understand. There is a big connection with God when you are studying the Bible in that your faith Is built in him alone.  You can't have faith if you have nothing you are expecting when you study you are able to understand that God needs faith from us and this will make you move.


When you study the bible the word of God will guide you on what do to. It is the word that you are able to know when you are doing the wrong and the right thing. You will able to know what God likes and what he doesn't like. The bible is the only measure that can help us to know whether we are living an exemplary life free from sins. Check this site!


 Sometimes as a Christian, you may feel weak and unable to continue with the journey of salvation. When you read the bible you get nourished since it will able to encourage you through examples and you will feel that you are not alone in this. It's normal to feel neglected as if God has abandoned you but when you read the bible you get to know that he Is faithful he changes no and he never forsakes the one who trusts in him and this keeps you going.


When you read the bible you get protected since it is the only defense from the works of the evil. There is no way you can able o defeat the devil not unless you have the word of God that will make you command that devil. When you read the bible you get a shield of protection and your strength is renewed to face any challenge that comes in your way. The bible study will assure you of your salvation and you will know that it is not built in anything else other than Jesus Christ. Through the word of God, you will be sustained in God and you will able to enjoy the goodness of God. Visit website here!